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Sunshine Music Fest in a few days!!! 

Hey beauties! I am grateful and deadly excited to be playing Sunshine Music Fest on the west coast in just a few days. I'll be joining an amazingly talented lineup. Come out to Powell River, listen to good music, enjoy the waves, and take in the heat over the last long-weekend of the summer. See you on the Sunshine Coast!!!!


- TM

Wonderful Album Release!!!! 

What an amazing night, thank you all who came so much for making my last Edmonton show and album release an unbelievable experience!!! I am deeply touched by the love given in that room, something I'll never forget, thank you! The album is now available digitally on my website as well!!!! It will be officially released later this month on all other streaming networks. To celebrate, I wanted to share a video of my cutest fan ever! What a rockstar!!!!

 Zayn rocking out to The Metronomad!


Album just a few days away! 

I will be playing one last show before hitting the road and heading out east, and to celebrate I will be releasing my second album! The album will be released April 8, 2017, can't wait to share it with you!!! Here's a sneak-peak at the cover art!

- TM

Album Announcement!  

I am very excited to announce I will be releasing a new album this Spring! It's already half done and I can't wait to get it out to everyone. Keep an eye out for further announcements which will come soon.  

- TM

Keep Yeg Warm! 

This Sunday I will be playing in a show that I am very grateful to have the chance to play in. Not only is the bill filled with amazing artists, but all the proceeds go toward the Bissel Centre to help homeless people stay warm.

In a city as cold as Edmonton, the opportunity to help spread the warmth and break the ice with some good music is impossible to pass up! Tickets are still available, they are $ 10 or a donation of a winter coat (new or lightly used) will be accepted.

Location: Have Mercy Southern Table and Bar
Time: Jan 22, 6 PM Doors, 6:45 PM Show

New song" He's Got Gun Released! 

I am so grateful and happy to say that the new song is up! It's called 'He's Got a Gun' and inspired by #BlackLivesMatter. You can hear the track and watch the video here:

Special thanks to the Edmonton Arts Council and to Kevin Forbes for helping make this track and video a reality. 

New Song Announcement! 

I am very excited to be releasing a new song later this week! I just wanted to give a little background on the song. The song was inspired by victims of police brutality and especially by the #blacklivesmatter movement. While I have no intention nor artistic objective to stereotype police officers, or anyone for that matter, I could not bare knowing that there were so many who were being murdered or abused as a result of police brutality and systemic issues with the police force.

When something is weighing heavy on my mind, when there's an anchor dragging my heart down through my body and into the core of me, I write - that's what inspired the piece. I will be releasing the song this weekend!

Movember - The First Trimester 

Well, it's about a week into Movember and this first trimester has been an interesting one! It took some getting used to, and what started off as something so small and hardly visible has now formed it's very own body! Wow! it's like a little person living under my nose! I've also had some cravings that regular moustachios experience, like wearing collar shirts with the top three buttons unopened and drinking my coffee extra extra dark - no cream, no sugar, 100% Arabica badass.

Oh, and the poster for the Battle of Movember has finally come out! It's on Tom Selleck!


I'm lucky enough this year to be playing in Movember Fest and so, to start the Movember season I will take on a challenge, I will challenge the iconic Tom Selleck Stache. Yes, you heard me, THE Tom Selleck Stache. Come November 25, my moustache will be in the ring with the legendary Selleck Stache!

Am I biting off more than I can chew? Yes, definitely. Will I win this moustache fight to the death? Oh most certainly not... Game on Selleck. 

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source: Make Something Edmonton

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